Despite finally being on holiday, after two or three weeks where my life just seemed like one giant homework, I’m still finding it a bit hard to enjoy the Christmas cheer that goes with the season. I was in a profoundly jolly “if I were to put in my two weeks’ notice tomorrow, would anyone give a rat’s behind?” sort of mood earlier today, so I suppose I should be thankful I’m now in that slightly more cheerful state of numbness where you manage to drop a sock into the turtle tank and find it mildly amusing.

Normally, I’d dismiss that sort of thing saying nobody wanted to hear about that, but my turtle glared at me as if wanting to express how deeply un-amusing he found the incident. It was probably at that point that it occurred to me how I still was yet to offer him center stage in my strange little corner of online space. It seemed like a good way to make up for the sock incident and all…

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So that would be Mitica, in all his algae-prone, thermometer killing splendor.

In other news, the stickers I was talking about last time I dropped by are printed and all nice and shiny and ready to vandalize buses and park benches all over town.

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