Your dearly beloved blogger is in a gloating mood these days… But I won’t bore you with such things. No bore at all, you say? Well fine, if you insist. Hear ye, hear ye, I’m proud to announce that The World According To My Camera ranked first (tie with another entry) in the Macroday challenge themed “Photography” (as in the theme of the competing photos being that of photography itself), with the entry Vintage, which some of you folks might remember… <enter the cricket sound>… Either way, screwdrivers all ’round!

…brag mode off…

Today’s photo-of-the-week is an abstract of the Berlin Hauptbahnhof, which proved to be a real pain in the neck, literally, from all the staring up and left and right and over the shoulder, all the while going “ooh… aah…”.

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In other news, I’ve been plotting and scheming lately around this idea that I’m hoping to turn into a new photo series (a bit more special than the others, though), which should be oodles of fun to work on, if all goes well. I’ll have to see if I can manage to pull it off. Cheers!

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