…From the land of fine cooking and hilariously stereotypical accents. Your dearly beloved blogger has landed safe and sound, found long-term accommodations, and after one week is currently feeling confident enough about her geographical prowess to try and find shortcuts whenever necessary… “If found, please return to bar”… Oh, the hilarity.

In the meantime, what better landmark with which to start my photographic tour of this fine, fine establishment, than the local Ferris wheel… (No, you do not have the right to veto)

photography blog, Ferris, wheel, carnival, lights, black and white, Lyon, film grain, noise, contrast

Seeing as, so far, the weather has been mighty unfriendly with the budding amateur photographer in search of the nickel tour, I don’t quite have a solid buffer of show-and-tell material yet. So here’s hoping next week will be better “sunshine, lollipops and rainbows”-wise. Either way, this should hopefully be the official “I’m back” announcement.

To be continued and, as always, cheers!

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